Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom's day

It was the one year anniversary of my Mom's passing on Friday, November 13th.
Obviously, it was a day laden with complex and mixed emotions, and I was unsure for months about what I should do on that day. Should I honer her by visiting where we scattered her ashes? Should I write something beautiful? Should I lay in bed all day and sob? Should I....uh....?????


Ummm...yes! Cathy played hooky from school with me, and Ned did the driving to downtown Los Angeles' pinata district (I know...who would have thunk it...a whole district for pinatas??meh?) where we were all taken aback by the beauty of this amazing fiesta store we had found ourselves in! There was every type of balloon, large and small, hats, noise makers, streamers, sparklers, and at least 40 different kinds of birthday candles. As far as pinatas...don't get me started. There were princesses, lions, butterflies, and way, way more. When I found that huge dinosaur, though, that's when I knew we were in business.

The whole experience was a laid back kind of day. It was surreal, and bittersweet that I would find myself buying something so celebratory on such a horrible day. But, really, there is no other way my Mom would have wanted it! She would have driven out here just to see this mythical pinata district, if for nothing else, and I can't think of a better way to honor her. And, yes, I sobbed. I sobbed myself to sleep, but when I woke up I was one thankful 23 year old girl. Glad to be living here, glad she made it possible for me to live here, and glad she believed in me. Man, I am also glad she gave me this outlook.

And in case you're wondering...I haven't smashed the dinosaur yet. Just like my Mom, I've formed an attachment to the little guy and the smile he gives me when I walk in the house everyday. Maybe at the end of the year for graduation he will meet his demise. But that's my Mom's pinata...and it makes me so happy to say that out loud.


  1. Adie, you warm my little heart. I'm so grateful your mother created you & made you the strong beautiful woman you are. I hope you are having an wonderful time in Arizoner & I miss you. <3

  2. awww adie. im glad your soo strong. and im glad u got that pinata!!