Thursday, January 21, 2010

rain, rain, rain, RAIN!!!!

Today's adventure: rain romping!

I woke up this morning with a lot of goals. I was going to work on fixing my portfolio (since I just found a job I want in Austin) and my resume....and work on homework, and clean my room....but instead, I took a look outside and said fuck it! I'm going out there!

Puddle romping from Adria Smith on Vimeo.

When I lived in Oregon, I was genuinely depressed most days and never wanted to leave my little room. I would have to FORCE myself to take walks by myself, and although I take walks a lot down here, those walks were ALWAYS the best. So often when I feel the most down, if I force myself to get out and adventure, those journeys are the ones that stick with me. So, I decided to capture that spirit in film here, and I am so happy I did!

Apparently I made the credits go by too fast in the video! So, incase you are wondering, I used Neon Indian for the music.

Letting my umbrella fly in the wind

I've always wanted a picture of this rippled asphalt

One thing I love about Venice: discarded furniture!

Hot damn, isn't LA beautiful?

I ripped my tights big time!

As always, I'm glad you guys stopped by for a read! I hope you all get the chance to romp around like this- -it's sure to make you smile!



  1. Your blog is making me so happy right now. I love that you celebrated you mom with a piñata. I love that you and the bf lounge in bath robes. And I love that you went rain romping in those pretty sea foam green flats. You seem quite lovely and I'd like to read more so you've got yourself a new follower dear ♥.

    P.S. Where/when did you live in Oregon?

  2. loved your video <3 and the shoes you wore are too cute!

  3. Thank you, guys! I'm happy you are reading this :)

    Lauren, I lived in McMinnville from 2004 until 2006. I moved up there for school (Linfield) but I'm from Arizona originally so the weather was quite the adjustment for me. Man, I really really loved Portland, though. I feel like if I'd lived in Portland, probably would have stayed up there and been happy as a clam! Thanks for reading- I really really enjoy your blog, too!

    Those shoes are actually a pair that my friend from Holland and I got together-she got a yellow pair and I got the seafoam pair. Everyt ime I wear them, I think of her. This little romp session would have made her so happy, so I'm glad I wore them :)

  4. Hi! I'm a new blog follower of yours all the way from New Zealand. Hello to you :) I have just started the whole blogging thing and slowly am being introduced to great blogs like your own. Please stop by my blog if you like www.gabriellelynne.blogspot, i have a lot to learn! But can't wait to share my life with other people! Love your blog!

  5. Adie! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your shoes!!! where did you find those!!!
    Also, I adore your title picture with the squirel! it is hilarious! I am so impressed with the pictures that people find, I am aweful at search the web, how do you all do it?!?

  6. I love the photos with the yellow umbrella, and especially the one with rippled asphalt. And from what I can tell, I love your outfit!

  7. Thanks you guys!

    BrittanButterfly, I found those shoes with my friend at Ross, I believe! It must have been a year or so ago, now. I really like them and the memories they bring back for me. Thanks for your comment!

    Oh, I just found the squirrel picture by typing in "squirrel in space" into google. Don't ask me what I was thinking or what prompted me to do that...I have no idea! I wish I was better with image finding, too! There HAS to be a good way!

    Have you ever visited ? I really like that site...lots of beautiful and funny imagery to be found there!

    <3, Adie

  8. ah! i love your little shoes. :)
    and your video!
    i love puddle jumping.

    and can we please talk about your amazing banner at the top?
    IN LOVE. haha.

  9. Hehe, Thanks, Lydia!
    That little squirrel makes me SO happy. I have him set as my desktop background, too. Don't think I'm ever going to change it!

  10. thanks Adie!!
    I will check that site out !!!


  11. Hey Adie!
    I awarded you with a blog award on my blog, pop on over and have a looksie! :)