Friday, April 9, 2010

A love note I've been meaning to write for a looonnnnggg time

Tonight, I met a girl named Adria Gail Smith. I call her Adie.

She is quite pretty, smart and creative. Tonight, we got lost in eBay land together, crocheted with strips of cheesy old sweatshirts and handkerchiefs. We cleaned her fucking messy room together, we took an important survey together, and I rubbed her tired feet.

She's about ready to go outside and puff on a cigarette for the damn hell of it and, yeah, I will probably go with her. She was talking about riding her bike and puffing on those silly sticks of cancer...and I'll probably go ahead and do that with her too.

When we get back, we're going to dance around in our underwear to Bruce Springsteen and read our horoscope.

I told her I really like hanging out with her...she really is something else. Honestly, I think I love her.

Tomorrow or maybe this weekend I'm going to take her to the beach or maybe we'll hang out on her roof in the sun together. I think when we're there I want to learn about gem stones with her.

You know, I kind of love it when she forgets to smile. I kind of love it when she sits in bed all day thinking and doing nothing. I kind of love it all.

I think when I get done writing this note, I'm going to tell her I love her. I'm going to tell her that she is a beautiful, magical universe and that her hair looks pretty today. I'm going to tell her I never want to be away from her again. Because, I tell you what, she has this weird sort of magnetism I can't ignore. I'm going to tell her this stuff everyday. From tonight for our whole lives, she deserves to know this. She deserves to know she always has me. She deserves it.

To all of my beautiful, supportive friends: I think we should all write ourselves a love note. We all deserve it!


  1. This is awesome! I have always wanted someone to write me something rad like this, and noone ever does, so you know what, i will! Thanks a ton!

  2. I'm so glad!
    Dooooo ittttttt, it feels SO GOOD!
    I've actually needed to keep looking back at it during stressful times...just a reminder that somebody loves me that much :)
    Best of luck with your newest love affair! It's going to be so much fun <3

  3. i like this. (except the picture is gross hahaha). thanks for commenting on my blog, i've had a fun time exploring yours :]

  4. this is soo precious!!! everyone needs a note like this! your one lucky and special lady!


  5. this is perfect!!! inspiring... i'm next. :)