Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hi, 2012!

So, I took forever to begin writing this post.
I really wanted it to be's a post about the new year, after all. I wanted to encapsulate my year of 2011. I wanted to scrawl and scratch out all of it. The beautiful and the ugly. The tiny, stunning memories I wanted to hold on to forever.

I wanted to write about how much better 2012 will be, because it's always supposed to be 'better', right? Oh boy. I wanted to do that.
But, you know what? I'm not gonna.

Because, when I sat down to get it all out, to shower the interwebs with all of 2011's beautifully complicated intricacies as I bid it adieu and welcomed in 2012, all I could come up with was this:

"2011 any other year."

Good, bad, ugly, serendipitous, beautiful, horrible, incredible, normal, new, old....all the time
In 2011, I lived. 

It's a strange place to be in, this 5-days-into-a-new-year sorta place. It feels like we're commanded to be either saying goodbye to the past or welcome the future with open arms. I mean we have all of the "year in reviews", the "best of" stuff, the resolutions, all of the "this year I will....", but where is the RIGHT NOW?

Well, you guys, here is my now:

Hearing my sweet love saying, "I love you. You make me happy." while he cooks a beautiful meal with this beautiful song filling my heart and my ears. Squeezing him tight in our cute, cramped, yellow paint filled kitchen. It's out of a movie and it's right here.

This sweet boy of mine and a small group of friends sure did have a beautiful time saying hello to 2012, though, I'll tell you what. But this year felt different. Maybe it's because it was 'drama'-free. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. Maybe it's just because. But this time it was all about being present. Being present and grateful for it all.

 So, this year, if I 'resolve' to do anything, it'll be to be more grateful for all of the beautiful moments I experience every single day of every single week, in every single month in every single year....while they're happening ;)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

A little late...

So, this is awkward... I know Christmas was soooo last year and all, but I'm finally out of the holiday craze cloud, missing you all and ready to share the few holiday pictures I've been squirreling away for the past few weeks or so! Yay!

Better late than never, as they say ;)

This year, Addison and I decided to have our lover's Christmas celebration early, and boy was that siiiiccckkk! The whole time we were sipping on our "Christmas eve" drinks getting in the spirit, I kept thinking to myself "How cool is it being an adult and just deciding we can have Christmas early if we wanna?" So rad.

On the real Christmas morning, we celebrated with our families and then finished off the night with a trip to the world's largest gingerbread village which just so happens to be in my hometown! I swear that it gets bigger and better every year, and this year was no exception. My heart seriously melts when we walk through those little houses, and I feel a huge amount of calm (as silly as this probably sounds) when I think about the time people take out of their lives to bond with each other in making these candy confections. Amazing! 

So anyway, just in case some of you were out there sitting in front of your computer thinking, "man, I'd really like to look at some more Christmas, bad", then you're in the right place ;)
Lover's Christmas Eve (2 days before the real deal)

Biggest Christmas tree you've ever seen, I know  
Christmas snowglobe/music box collection. At my Dad's.

At the world's largest gingerbread village. Prescott's downtown courthouse! <3

 I hope everyone is finding this year to be beautiful and inspiring, and I'll be back soon soon soon (as in probably tomorrow) with my photographs from New Years! xoxo