Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happiness is


A 60 degree day on the 3rd of March
A "Hello, life is beautiful" kind of day

One filled with children
with love
and with chocolate

Where there are hammocks and swings
teepees and chickens
soda pop and fresh baked cookies
cows and horses
and ipods and wiis
beer and spagetthi
ponds and wiener dogs

Where this family that you totally love...
discusses "remember when"s and "that one time"s
And you listen
and you're grateful

for that little kid over there spilling soda on the floor
for his killer score in the Michael Jackson Experience
for the...I hope it's chocolate...stuck to your laundry

the Adele sing along sessions
the underdogs
learning the Thriller dance with your boyfriend's Mom
and all of the laughs
and every single smile

Today was Addison's sister and neice's birthday party in Skull Valley. It was beautiful. Just what I needed. Happy birthday to Shauna and Sophia! Love you!