Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my adventurous transition from "student" to "unemployed"

It's official. I'm a College Graduate.

It's official. I'm unemployed.

Wowie! What a whirlwind the whole thing was. I had to curate and install my senior show, take finals, write papers, finish my portfolio, business cards and resume, welcome all of my amazing friends and family, and finally say hello to the end of what has turned into a 6 year long college experience. Then, I had to pack up my life in Los Angeles, say goodbye to my beautiful supportive friends out there, and move back with my Dad in under 4 days.
It feels good to be done. But as I sit here with a beer in hand at 2 in the afternoon, I must admit I have serious mixed emotions.
Here is a small selection of the many photographs taken that weekend. They begin with my senior show.

It all began with this: a big ol empty room!

The minute I finished! Made and installed by yours truly (with lots of help from my friends!)

My best friend since Kindergarten!

Sweet Addison just got out of the car from his 6+hour drive

One of my dearest friends, Joey Wolf had a party going on through the back of this refrigerator. Complete with a DJ and beer, boxed wine and margaritas! You had to climb through the fridge to get there. It offered a great deal of solace on a busy, stressful night!

My amazing friends from Arizona in the fridge party. Scott, Paco, and Kirsten! Love you guys <3
My great friend Amber was able to make it that night, and hung out with us at my favorite bar for Karaoke. I'll never forget Foagie, Star, and Handsome Clyde!!

SO happy! On my way to get that piece of paper :)

SO, SO, SO happy! I'm there, second row back with my hands in da air!
YES! I did it!

My first friend at Otis, and creator of the party kitchen, Joey Wolf...he rocked his graduation robe, didn't he?
My best friend at Otis, Cathy. I love this girl, and I miss her already!

I HAD to put this one in for a number of reasons. #1: MY DAD! #2: My brother brought his girlfriend who I met for the first time! #3: LOOK AT MOLLY in the background! I love her so so much. She was my best friend when I went to college the first time around up in Oregon. THIS is why I love her
My Brother, My Sister, Me (I don't look annoyed AT ALL, huh? too too too many pictures!!!), My Aunt all the way from Pennsylvania!

OK! There are lots and lots more pictures, but that's the major gist right there! I'm bummed I only have that one picture of My Dad in this batch, but there are more of us together on other people's cameras. To all of my fellow graduates out there, WE DID IT! And to future graduates out there, HELL YES! ALMOST THERE!

I'm looking forward to the upcoming adventures my life has in store. I'm also looking forward to updating more frequently, and to having more posts about my galavanting around in my hometown.