Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love my home

Have you ever looked up at the sky right at dusk and felt like you could taste the billows above you? 
Like the puffs of water vapor and fractals of sun would taste like buttery lemon pound-cake with creme on top...strawberry cheesecake smothered in a sugary glaze

Or give you that sweet sweet sensation of raspberry meringue lightly disintegrating on your toungue? 

That sky above you tastes like angel-food cake
airy and light
floating along
dipping into piles of strawberries, lemons, and powdered sugar
like the finest creme brule 
with its sugar crystals dancing like sugar plum fairies...
aaaalll over your taste buds

...do those clouds ever make your mouth water?

Have you ever looked up at the sky right at dusk and felt like you could feel the billows above you? 
Like the finest Egyptian cotton...1500 thread count...
wrapped around you with a cool touch
Like turning over the pillow in the middle of the night
being kissed by the cold side
Like the love of your life
snuggling up close as the sun rises and the temperature drops
wrapping their arms and legs around you
pulling those sheets up high

Everything is clean
Everything is calm
Everything is bright
Everything is beautiful

That, my friends, is the Arizona sunset. Mystical.magical. every.single.day.No editing. No filters. No "hipsta" or "insta". This is AZ.

I love my home.
The Sun also rises


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Minerals for Mom

My Mom appreciated the little things

My Mom told me the story of rocks

Of Turquoise, Agate, Opal, Pearl, Citrine, Schist, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Quartz.
Of fossils, of petrified wood, of Diamands, of Pearls.
Of way too many life lessons learned in the most abstract ways...

We would drive along the highway and she would slow way down sometimes to stare at the cuts made in the mountains. She would tell me about each layer, how slow and fascinating the process was that formed our Earth. Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic...I learned those words before 1st grade, and I felt like I was there as it was all happening...the heat, the pressure, water and wind...synchronicity and harmony...resistance and struggle...

This weekend I took her beautiful spirit with me to a local Gem and Mineral show, just like the ones we used to go to when I was young. My best friend and I scanned each and every booth in the college gymnasium where it was held. We blushed and exclaimed at times, unable to contain our amazement. We saw all of the raw rocks and minerals, all of the polished and unpolished precious and semi-precious stones.

I couldn't help it as I gravitated towards a Turquoise ring with the most beautiful coloring. The patina on the Silver seemed to speak to me and before I knew it, I turned to Becky and said "I need to buy this". As I caught the eye of the woman behind the table, she smiled and said she thinks it's a piece from the 40's, and that the Turquiose is from Southern Colorado. I cried a little as I thought of my Momma. That's where she grew up. I bought it.

This is probably a lot for me to be letting out here on the interweb, and I may end up deleting this because this whole thing is hard...really hard. But for now it feels good to get it out there. No matter what, this will be good for me. For all of us, maybe?

Turquoise is one of my connections to my Mother. When I was small and she would leave the house for a meeting or an event, I would go into her room and take out all of her jewelry and wear it. After her passing, I wear each day a piece from that beautiful collection of hers and it's usually Turquoise. It brings protection and support. And its hers. So, that day I bought a Turquoise ring of my own...with my own money...something that spoke to me...and that means something to me. Something huge. It means now that I can wear her protection with my own, that I am finally starting to see the grief process pay off. That I am starting to find my legs, my feet, and feel my own path as a woman emerge. For that, I am grateful and I'll continue to wear my rocks with pride. I take her everywhere in those bracelets she left for me. So, when people tell me they like my jewelry or they just love Turquoise I tell them "thank you. I do too." ...She does too. I love my Mommy always and forever and she's not going anywhere as long as she's on my wrists.

Thank you, sweet friends, for reading. Intense, I know. But hopeful. I do have hope. So much love to you all, and I hope your Tuesday brings beauty to your life. xoxo