Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I feel it!

Summa summa summa summa summa time is HERE!

The sweet tickle of sun rays delight my skin and my entire self feels ...awake.
When I really think about it, it feels like my insides are consistently giggling, shaking off the dead weight of winter, the antisocial, scared tendencies, the thoughts of insecurities.
All of the "I can't"s fade away...

This Summer, I CAN.

Here is to Summer 2011, shaking my tail feathers, and trying new things.

First outfit post EVVAAARRR! Woah!?

The clothes come from:
Top: H&M
Shorts: Walmart (what what?)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (from LF Sale years ago)
Purse: Dunno. (From LF Sale last year)
Bracelets: A beautiful selection of my Mommie's jewels.
Necklace: F21

My favorite dilapidated building in Prescott and a tiny bit of inspiration from a carpet scrap. Neat lil necklace, eh?

I will:
Walk longer
Love harder
Lounge better
Breathe deeper
Pay attention
Soak up the small things
Cry underneath Summer stars
linger in sunsets
Reach out

I will be back for more "inspiring" posts...but hot damn..I had to get this off my chest. An outfit post?? WOWIE! THIS IS BIG! :)