Monday, November 9, 2009

New Neighbors

So, I have new neighbors.
Their home is modest and hand-crafted with ample room for bicycles. The walls are small and thin, but just tall enough so that I don't see them naked in their bathroom window while they lip-synch to Celine Dion. I haven't given them any baked goods yet, but it seems like their bellies would be a perfect place to put them.
And they seem to love each other, the new neighbors. Man and woman, bicycles together, sharing their new place. They puzzled together about the design and construction of their new home, and right now are probably bonding over a nice game of charades in their bed. I have seen them only once upright, the other times I was only granted vision of their heads peeking out one of their HUGE windows just over their bed.
Neighbors seem to know each other so well, intimately and subconsciously, and I think we will be friends, these neighbors and me. Maybe I could learn. Maybe we could learn.


  1. dude this is funny seriously are they living in there?

  2. Yes! They are! Every time I leave my house, I get to see both of their heads...hanging out. Today they were listening to the radio and looking at eachother. Ahhhh, how lovely!