Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Polly in the Pocket

OH KAY. I can't stop dreaming of Polly Pockets. Day dreaming, night dreaming. Gathering these photographs today made me that much more excited to go home for Thanksgiving so I can get my paws on all of these treasures from my glory days. I am not taking this lightly at all.

These little toys consumed much of my life when I was young...them, and trolls. Now that I look back with childlike excitement in my slightly older age I can see why. Well, for one, my Mom also loved these things. She loved miniature anything, and we would always be on the hunt for whatever small trinkets we could find. This was my way of connecting to that part of her...and always ensuring I had new toys :)

At the swap meet we would find miniature pocket knives or miniature harmonicas (before they became hip at Urban Outfitters), and I remember just how her face and smile would light up in amazement and wonder. That expression would come out when I got a new Polly Pocket...for both of us. Walking down the aisle to check out at stupid Kmart, and then at home when I could finally open it. Those are real moments. Those are real objects, and that is all that matters.

Sure, it's plastic and pink, but that amazement, those pure emotions...they live on in everything I do. It's the small things, literally and figuratively, that make us who we are and make this world so god damned interesting.

And I thank my Mom for giving me this gift! It's almost been a year without her, and when I look at these toys, I can't help but be grateful she gave me years upon years of small and big world knowledge.

I think we ALL should go hunt out our old Polly Pockets, or Mighty Max, or He Man, or My little Ponies....it is there that we will find our strength!!!

P.S. so, so glad I didn't go to class today...I would have never had this exact moment.


  1. Miss you Adie lady, and I love this entry. Life really is in the "little things".

  2. Thank you, Ambular. I really appreciate it! I can't wait to see you again....someday, somewhere.