Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sooo...I just auditioned for a Television Show.

Wow. I just did that. Wait, really? Yep, I did.

So, remember how I asked you guys to cross your fingers at the end of this post? Well, it was because I was anxiously awaiting the day I would try out for Lifetime's newest Project Runway spin-off called Project Accessory. Yep, Project-flipping-Runway for my jewelry creations!? Adie, on TV? Adie, driving to Los Angeles on a whim to audition for TELEVISION, of all things? Whaaa? EEeeee!

Let me begin. 
I had my birthday on June 11th, and not even three days later I came home and saw a message from my friend from College, Rich. He said he thought of me for an email he'd recieved from the casting crew of a new Lifetime show called Project Accessory. The email was sent to people at my school asking for alumni or current students that were passionate about accessory design and would be good on TV. Commence freaking out...right..HERE.

First thing I did was write back thanking him one million times for even thinking about me (it was an open call, but had he not messaged me, I never would have known about it...), and then I texted Danielle saying I thought I was going to just do it. Why not, right?  This was all before I'd even really thought it out, but from the get-go I had no qualms...all I envisioned was one big, fat, huge, ginormous OPEN DOOR so I jumped on. Of course, since I'd already told Danielle (let's not forget she's one of the biggest supporters in my life, and one of the most passionate go-getters I know) and I was already stoked, I knew of no other way to turn but in the direction of this casting call. So I began. I called my boyfriend, my best friend, my Dad, sent it out to the twitter-verse (because once it's out there on Twitter and all, you KNOW there ain't no turnin back! haha!), and immediately got the weekend off of work.
riiiiggghhtt as I left the door for the casting call
Now the tough stuff starts in. 
My portfolio was in shambles, I had a website, but I had grown out of it in the past year since graduation, and I had way too many ideas that I'd yet to create. But I didn't let it bog me down. I was filled with forward momentum, a positive outlook and an attitude that didn't allow me to turn back, even for a second. My friends dropped everything to do photo shoots for me (Thanks Becky and Danielle!), my co-workers gathered around and gave me hugs, open ears and took my shifts, my sister gave me awesome legal advice (totally on my level and everything!?), and my Dad encouraged me while also giving me bits of Dad-logic (where would I be without that, anyway?). And you know what? The biggest thing that helped me through was picturing my Mom smiling...oh, that smile...

So, I fixed my website(check it out hereeeee: I made two new pieces, I created a portfolio that for the first time ever in my life I was actually happy with, continued to work, and was the busiest that I'd been since I was killing myself with all-nighters back in art school. Let's just say that, even if something catastrophic happened and I couldn't make it to said casting call, I was completely proud and content with all of the work I'd put in to get me to that point alone.
Wooo! Screen shot of my brand-new homepage.

Now, the fun part begins.
After getting off work early on Friday the 24th, and having to turn back several times after departing because my scatter brain forgot many many things (one of which being the entire outfit I had planned out for the next day's casting call...uh, kind of big) I was finally on my way! I arrived in LA at about 3AM, groggy and in disbelief. I slept at my old house in Venice so that I would feel at least some of the comforts of home as I embarked on the craziest thing I'd ever done.
"what's in my bag" -TV audition edition :)
The morning of the casting rolled around and after telling myself I would be in line at the Sofitel no later than 8:30 (the casting started at 9), I decided I would be kind to myself and wake up when my body damn well pleased. That ended up being around 9:30 and I figured that wasn't too bad, especially after driving 6+ hours across the desert that morning. I dusted myself off, fixed my bed-head, put on my Bruce Springsteen shirt, my favorite jewels (with one of my Mom's turquoise bracelets and all of my family rings for good luck) and my best Jeffrey Campbell heels. I tried to do a really awesome job of documenting myself pre-audition, but we all know how that went :)
Sassy Adie

 Outfit deets
Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: adiemade
Shirt: Thrifted, fave since I was 15
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, LF warehouse sale

I stepped out of my car at the Beverly Center with shaky legs and a strong will, and as I walked passed the mall I spied a lady bug at my feet. Lady bugs are my spirit bug(squirrels are my spirit animal, for the record) and I've been in love with them since I was little. My Mom and my oldest friends used to call me "Adie Bug", so as I bent down to pet the little guy while I balanced my portfolio and my overstuffed bag, I felt all of that power pushing me. That little lady bug told me I'd be alright, and not only alright, but that I'd do great things. Thanks, lady bug. You're the coolest!
 When I arrived in the big ol room with all of the other hopefuls, I couldn't help but be overcome with how much talent was right there surrounding me. I sat down next to the most amazing gal, Molly (peep her jewels here!) and said "Woah. This is pretty amazing, huh?" and she agreed as we both took out our cameras to document. This was really happening.
We just might be watching some of these people on TV come August :)
 After 5 hours of waiting and much more bonding with Molly and some of the other awesome designers in the room, it was finally my time to talk with the judges. It was set up so that groups of five or so were taken from that big ol room where we started to a table to meet with the first judge and her assistant. Once "passing" that table, it was on to the interview in front of the panel of judges and a camera. I kept telling people that I'd already fufilled my expectations for the day and in fact, I'd exceeded them, and that even if I got turned away at that first table it would still be win-win. Well, I did make it passed that first table and in front of the panel (and the camera...whaaaa?). Let's just say those few minutes were a blurr. I don't really remember what I said, how I looked or how well I did. I do remember there being like 12 people in that little room, and all of them with eyes on me. Now, I'm sure that's an over-statement, but good was something else. The judges seemed to like me, and said that my work is a good mix between commercial and artistic and they did seem to respond when I used words like "passion" and "fantasy", so that's a good thing, right? Haha!

And, just like that, it was all over.
Molly and I went downstairs to get drinks.
Mojitos, to be precise. At a VIP party. For B.E.T. week. 

There was good music, amazing people and an infectious spirit. My new pal Molly made some connections and spread the word about our audition and we soaked it all in, pausing the whole time to say to each other "we really just did that". We did, and we did awesome. 

As we left the party after making plans for visits to San Fransisco and the Tucson Gem show, we walked the red carpet that was set up for the B.E.T. event. Why the hell not, right? As we walked in front of the camera guys, Molly said "hey, you guys want to take our pictures? We're ABOUT to be famous..." and two guys we don't know paused to get in the frame with us. The photographers were visibly confused. I mean, seriously, who are these two ladies with portfolios and huge bags on their shoulders? Well, guys, just like Molly said, we're about to be famous. They finally snapped a photograph and we were on our merry ways with hugs and affirmations that we were amazing and no matter what, we felt like we'd already won.

You guys, I know that was a grueling post. I thank you for sticking through that! This was honestly the craziest, most amazing thing I've done in my life. I am proud of myself, and completely inspired. I know that from now on, I will live my life a lot like I did this passed weekend because nothing (and I mean nothing) is too big for little old Adie. And nothing, I mean nothing, is too big for any of you! So, if you see me on T.V. be sure to smile for me and send good vibes my way, and if you don't, be smiling anyway because I know I will be! Yayayay!

I now leave you with a few pictures from the rest of my weekend, which I spent with all of my ladies from art school. I stayed with one of my best friends, Alex, in Long Beach. More photos of that to come, but here are a few to wet your palette! hehe!

Love. Her.
On Alex's bathroom mirror. Sing it, sister. Sing it loud!
Coolest dooood ever! Hope he found some treasure

 Goodnight, everyone! xoxo


  1. Yay, Adie! That's awesome to hear about and it would be so cool to watch you on tv! :)

  2. this is amazing! im still keeping my fingers crossed for you. when i read the very beginning i got super excited, i love project runway and i make jewelry too! this is going to be one of those shows i HAVE to watch! good luck girl!

  3. Thanks, you guys! I'm excited to find out, and am so glad I up and did it :)

  4. wow so fantastic!! keeping my fingers crossed for you sweetie and i just LOVE that you have a spirit animal!! i need to think of what mine is!!

    good luck!


  5. Oh, thank you thank you!
    Let me know when you figure out your spirit animal...such a good thing to know about yourself ;) haha!

    <3 Adie

  6. That was soooo much fun! It was such a great and crazy experience! Can't wait to see you in Tucson or SF! Here is the quote I was talking about too:

    “Do one thing every day that scares you.”
    -Eleanor Roosevelt”

  7. Adie! This is so amazing. I read this first thing this morning (usually read blogs every morning!) and I was filled with happiness for you. I hope this opportunity moves forward...all the luck and good wishes in the world to you!

  8. Adie you are an inspiration! I don't think I could ever do something like this. Your work is amazing, and I truly hope you get this!! You totally deserve it :)

  9. I adore your outfits! great blog....


  10. Super awesome!!!!! What a crazy awesome unique experience... I hope it turns out well. :D

  11. You are so cute! Best of luck. :D

  12. Loved this post! You are amazing. I'm your newest follower! :)
    Hope you hear back some good news!

  13. Woo! I don't even know you, but I'm happy for you! I keep debating doing auditions for shows casting in NM, but I always chicken out. Maybe someday. :P

  14. Thank you thank you ladies! You are all so sweet :) I didn't get on the show, but this experience was so incredible...I can proudly say I just up and did something wild and I learned so much about myself. WOAH!

  15. Kathryn! You should totally go to the next casting that pops up. Instead of thinking you'll chicken out, think first about what the experience and the show has to offer YOU...because YOU'RE the amazing one, after all. It's like picturing the audience in their underwear, if you catch my drift ;) you got this, girl <3