Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm almost 25

Can I just say that this Summer is shaping up to be incredible? Yesterday one of my bestest gal pals, Danielle  and I went out on the town with her adorable babe Henry.  Right up there is a video we took throughout our day.

Growing up here in Prescott, my pals and I would do little else other than go downtown, walk, talk, lay in the grass, stare at the trees, drive around eating Chex-mix and Jelly Bellies, and wrap it up with a radical sleepover (with ice cream, playing in the sprinklers, watching movies..all the good stuff). Then, we'd rinse and repeat, over and over, almost every day for those three beautiful months. 

I'm about to turn 25, so (naturally) for the past few weeks I've been really missing those days. You know, the ones where you feel like the sun will never set on your day with your friends, when you meet a new boy and your heart skips a beat (Hi, Addison, I'm talking about you here!) and each day seems full of endless possibility. 

Well, yesterday I felt that again! Let's just say that yesterday reminded my quarter of a century old-self of life's cycles. It reminded me that, while I may miss being 15 and meeting the love of my life while playing Gameboy on the square with my best friend, I am now a woman. That's right...A WOMAN...(yikes!) and not only did I meet the love of my life, I fostered an almost 10 year long relationship with him, and we are now living together talking about what's to come. 

Same thing with other aspects of my life. I may miss having endless nights and no responsibility when meeting new friends, but now I can call those pals up, hang out at their houses talk about graduating College, Grad School, their babies new milestones, new careers, engagements, and all of us blossoming into the most beautiful women I know. Honestly, it doesn't get more beautiful than that. 

Anyway, I really, really think Summer 2011 is going to be something special! I hope you all are having a beautiful start to the season as well. This video is something I'm going to cherish for so long! When I'm about to turn 40, I just know I'm going to miss this being 25 business and being on the cusp of adulthood. But at least I'll have this lil video to remind me again...each new page in life is just as beautiful as the last one :)


  1. Adie I loooved this post so much. Your words seriously speak right to me- and I love how much you love life. You inspire me everyday and I feel lucky to be your friend!


  2. I just turned 25 so I feel you on the whole "quarter-life" thing. I think it's great you have someone like Danielle to share everything with, and it's great that she in turn has you. I hope Summer 2011 is everything you hoped and dreamed, my dear! <33

  3. Ok, so I am one of Danielle's wise older friends, ;) Ok just 32, but I thought this post was so adorable and it showcased how fun-loving you are. So glad that you had such a wonderful day with such a fabulous friend!! xxoo
    and your style....perfection.

  4. Thank you, everyone! It really warmed my heart to hear from you all :) Life is pretty sweet when you think about it, huh!? Hope today is great for you all <3