Saturday, June 4, 2011

Art Crush: Rosmarie Fiore

OK. It's time to come clean. Rosemarie Fiore, I have the BIGGEST art-crush on you! It's been growing and growing for something like 3 years. It's about time I told you how I feel!
I first fell in love with your "Pyrotechnics" Firework Drawings. I happened upon your website while searching for inspiration in one of my studio classes, and... girlfriend, inspire you did. When I saw this picture of your process, I think my mind was perma-blown. 

I actually draw..with FIREWORKS!? My heart started beating faster, my thoughts started racing, my hands were eager to MAKE! Then, I googled your name and explored your website more, and found this video of your   "Good-Time Mix Machine: Scrambler Drawings". OK, really? As if I couldn't art-crush on you any harder...


This amazing drawing got even more amazing when I found out it was made by a machine you built with a gas generator, an air compressor and buckets of paint secured to seats taken from a Scrambler amusement park ride. Be still my art-heart!

Ok, ok...You were once told your work is like "Hunter S. Thompson meets Kandinsky" and I'd say that is a pretty apt comparison. It seems you have an insatiable need to just DO art, maybe it's because the frenetic lines in your work start singing to me...or maybe it's because the colors you let manifest have me drunk. But, I gotta say that if I ever have an idea as good as drawing with fireworks, making a monster sized Spirograph, or painting with my waffle maker, I'm just going to take a cue from you, and get off my ass and do it. Rosemarie Fiore, your spirit is infectious, and for me, that is the most amazing gift you could have ever given I coming on too strong?...I'm just sayin.

I think everyone needs to start crushin' on this gal. She is worthy.

All of the above images are from here

Also, be sure to watch this YouTube video where she talks about her process as well artists that inspire her like Wolfgang Paalen, Dali, and Christine Tarkowski

Welp, I'm off to bed inspired. Gonna dream some beautiful stuff, I have the feeling!



  1. WOW, I've never heard of anything like this! So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, lady!

  2. Isn't it wonderful!? I'm so glad you liked it!