Saturday, July 30, 2011

Motivating Myself: The Simpsons Style

I'm starting a new series over here on the Adie blog. 

This week, I'm talking about something near and dear to my heart... "The Simpsons" and how while watching just one episode this morning, breakfast burrito in hand, with my boyfriend next to me, I became motivated (I mean, I'm still on the couch and all...but hey, I feel motivated...isn't that enough? Hahaa). Each installment will feature something or someone else that motivates, without further ado, here is round one. How The Simpsons inspired me this morning. 

In "real life" we have Chicken Soup for the Soul, Deepak Chopra, The Happiness Project (a good read, guys), Oprah, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In The Simpsons, they have Brad Goodman, "Smoke yourself Thin", "Do What you Feel Day", "Adjusting your Self-o-Stat" and "Get confidence, Stupid". Now, what The Simpsons also has is Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge and Maggie. And Santa's Little Helper. And Mo. And Larry. And Krusty...etc etc. So, we watch how they all interact on the boob-tube, right? We laugh, we mock, we cringe, and man...we all probably think "wow, whatever those writers are on, give me some, cause seriously, WHO thinks of this stuff!?". Well, here's the deal. I took a step back and looked around....

We ALL have our own Bart in our lives. We all have Homer, Lisa, Marge and Maggie...they're probably sitting right next to you as you're reading this (Hi, Homer!). We ALL get excited over little things, just as Homer did when reading an add for a free trampoline in the newspaper, we all have weird hair days just like Marge does every day, we all want to say "I just do what I want" ala Bart, we all have moments where we feel like we're the only one that's not a nincompoop just like Lisa does, we all get proven wrong...just like Lisa does, and we all want snacks sometimes so bad we feel like we could lose an arm reaching into a vending machine and just not care, like Homer.

I guess I have a few points to make here. 

1. when you boil it down, life is simple. There is no need for artifice, faking it, or any sort of inauthentic acts , because as I just saw in this minute you can feel like a God, and the next minute you realize you're sitting on an ice cream sandwich.

2. In Springfield, they had a "Do What You Feel" Festival in honor of Bart's outlook on life, and I gotta say... that sounds pretty good right now. So, why not guys!? Why don't we all stop saying "no" to things, and start saying "yes" to stuff that makes us happy. Let down our guards and run in the sprinklers naked, pick up a little pebble and keep it with you always just cause it makes you happy,laugh as loud as you want at whatever you want, and just sit on that swingset and swiiiinnnggg for hours, until you get sick. 

3. It's also important to remember "doing what you want" really means just THAT. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't know, I could say the typical stuff here and say "do something crazy, cause life is short"...but I don't agree. I think that life is rich, and life is real, so if sitting on the couch eating donuts and watching "Clueless" makes you happy, than that is "crazy" enough! As Bart says "I'm blue. Time for my patented spitting off of the overpass."...simple as that.

4. You know how when you're dating a new guy and people sometimes tell you "love him for who he is now, not who you think he'll be later" or something like that? Well, same thing for YOU. Take Homer, for example. He has Marge who loves him even though he sticks weird things in electrical sockets and shit. But he also seems to have such a good level of self confidence just as he take it from him...self love first :)

I hope that was inspiring to you guys too! I know I'll need to return to this entry in the future to remind myself of the sage teachings of The Simpsons lest I forget :) OK, now I'm off to watch some garbage on TV and eat food. Then, my best bud and I are heading off to Prescott's Gem and Mineral Show. Should be righteous!


  1. What an awesome idea for a post! I loved all of this. And I love the Simpsons. "Feels like you're wearing NOTHING AT ALL!"

  2. I lurve this and I lurve you!!

  3. Loved this! Amazing where you can find inspiration :) x

  4. i live in prescott too and have seen u around and theres definately some simpsons characters around here. i just discovered ur blog and am excited to mill through it, maybe we will cross paths in the real world soon too