Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post!

Welp, I'm brewing up some awesome things over here on ye ol blog. In the meantime, check me out on my girl Danielle's blog, Sometimes Sweet. Stoked! Hope you all are having a great night and I'll be back with some neat posts soon! I smell a little DIY, too? Hmmm...stay tuned, sweet people :)


One of my most radical Farmer's Market scores...prettiest onions evvvaarr!


  1. Excited to see the awesome new things! And dang, those onions are lovely, for realsies!

  2. You're the cutest <3! I ALMOST applied to The Bachelor just because, (maybe I'm desperate). Then I realized they'd never take a tattooed chic who looks like she's twelve and I'd never wear a sparkly ass dress and caked on make-up.

  3. Thanks Caitlin! It's the small things in life, huh?...hehe

    and Kristin. YES. DO IT. You could totally get on, because you're pretty much the coolest and cutest gal ever! I'll be pulling for you...annnndddd...if you don't make it, just tell yourself what I said in step #1 in the post ;) hehe. Seriously, though. Go out there and score yourself the next Bachelor!

  4. GREAT blog! it is so interesting and inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine, I would love to see what you think of it!:)

    follow me?