Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grateful for it all

November was a real doosie for me(by the way, THANK YOU to everyone for your kind words on my last post!) was filled with really high highs and really low lows. 

Now that it's officially December and all, a part of me would really like to say "alright, November, I wash my hands of you" and move right along, but I feel that I have to take a minute and be thankful for that dang ol November anyway. Sure, November 2011 tested the SHIT out of me. Sure, it gave me some serious curves in the road but that's all they were. Tests and curves. And did I pass? YES! And did I make it around each and every one of those sick little twists? Yes I did! So, here's to that, and making some damn tasty lemonade if you know what I mean.

A few things I am grateful November gave me:

Studio time almost every day and working on the new Adiemade collection with the passion it deserves.
My sweet, loving, patient boyfriend and his love for cooking. My soul thrives on it, I swear.
I love photobooth-what can I say?, a stunning way to wake up, Dog-sitting the coolest wiener dog in all of AZ, Irvin Rex
My sweet 18 year old cat, tulips for heads during Thanksgiving, giving my jewelry collection the love it needed (antler and Japanese 'lunch box' are from my amazing Grandpa Tom)

Retail therapy in the form of an amazing deal on Sam Edelman Adena flats, studio video chat sessions with my gal Alex

This is what I'm looking forward to in December:

Pouring more passion into Adiemade
Making time each day for tea
Eating. LOTS.
Watching "Captain Ron" and "Overboard" more
Retaking my math assessments and not failing (anyone wanna tutor me over the internet? haha)
Leaving more and more space for gratitude in every area of my life
Having my family in one place again
Resuming video chat dates with my long-distance best pals



  1. Well funny, I am so grateful for YOU! And so is Henry. We love you. :)

  2. You have a lot to be thankful for, pretty lady! I'm sorry November was kind of roller-coastery for you, but I'm hoping that December will be calmer and awesomer. Sending you so much love, as always.

  3. at least it's december and you're ready to move on. and a few positives did come of november. can't wait to see the energy you're putting into the jewelry.
    and overboard...haha...that's my mom's favorite movie! i love you for wanting to watch that more!

  4. Those flats. I die. AGH I Love them!